About the Driving School

For the instructors of The Driving School, you the pupils are the most important people, we are there for you to help you achieve your goal of passing your driving test in a friendly and safe environment.

Our style of teaching is all tailored to your needs. If you are nervous don't worry we are patient and will not shout, don't worry about doing things wrong - remember that is how you learn and believe me, we have seen it all!

One of our instructors is an ambassador for the Charity BRAKE, another is approved by Staffordshire County Council to offer the Young Driver Coaching Programme, which, is again dedicated to offer safe driver training for life.

More information on both BRAKE and the Young Driver Training Scheme can be obtained at:

All our cars have dual control, so you can have confidence at all times.
We will provide door to door pick-up and delivery at the end of the lesson, and we are happy to collect from Home, School, College or University, Place of work, and complete the session by delivery back to your own home.

Our Aims:

  • To teach you to drive in a professional and safe manner that will not only ensure you pass your test, but also become a safe driver for life.
  • All lessons will be tailored to your needs so progress will be made at your pace, so if you need a little more time on one manoeuvre than another there is no problem, and if you are learning quickly we will not hold you back!
  • Nervous pupils are very welcome, our instructors are patient and again all training is at your pace
  • We guarantee to offer one to one training thereby ensuring you get the most out of your lesson.
  • Our instructors will always treat every learner with respect, both during lessons and on any other contact either on the telephone, email or written.