Under 17

If you want to gain experience within a car before you drive on the road for real or you just want to know what it's like to drive and your under 17, this could be for you. Qualified Instructors from The Driving School can give you that experience.

Based at Leasowes Primary School, Porlock Avenue, Stafford, ST17 0HT
We can but a session together to suit your needs. From the basics of car controls and getting the car to move off and stop, to being able to park the car, drive through a slalom and even feeling the effects of driving with impaired vision, with use of vision impaired goggles. Sessions can be booked on an one to one experience or in groups, more than one car can be booked per session, ideal for a gift or birthday treat.

2 hours for £70.00
Payment must be made by bank transfer at least 2 days prior (in order to be cleared) or cash on the day

Call for details and prices on 0800 0463047